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What are the Different Types of Crystal Chandeliers You Can Choose From?

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Every homeowner has a wish to install a chandelier in their house. Apart from lighting up your room, a chandelier can automatically add a touch of royalty to your place. But there are so many different types of crystal chandeliers. How to know which one is the right one for you?

Here in this article, we go into details about the top best-selling crystal chandeliers!


  • Hand-cut crystals (Turkish)

One of the oldest crystals globally, the hand-cut crystals, also called the regal crystals, are cut by hand using sandstone and iron wheels. Marble dust is used to polish them further. Due to the high production cost, these crystals tend to be expensive. Due to the way it is produced, these crystals may bear the imprint of the wheels. 

  • Swarovski crystals (Austrian)

The creator or founder of these crystals is Daniel Swarovski. These crystals are made in the Austrian Alps, so they are also called the Austrian Swarovski crystals. The machine is used to cut the glass, which results in precision cutting and sharp faceting, which is one of the most popular features of these crystals. You can also find these crystals in different colours.

They contain over 30 percent of lead in them and are also quite expensive. Their high cost is because these glass pieces are coated further into a solution to increase its durability.

  • Venetian crystals (Italian)

Venetian crystals are made from Murano glass, which comes from Venice, Italy. These glasses have a characteristic shimmer and shine that makes it highly popular. These glasses are also famous for their high clarity.

The glass pieces are not cut or shaped by either hand or machine; instead, they use fire to shape the glass and polish it, which gives it clarity. Venetian crystals are a great alternative for looking for an affordable option in the decorative crystal chandeliers category.

  • K9 crystal (Chinese)

K9 crystals or Chinese Optical Borosilicate Crown Crystal has an optical crystal content which makes it free from bubbles and scratches. These crystals are one of the most popular crystals used in making luxurious statements making chandeliers because of their high shimmer, clarity, and high reflective properties.

These crystals are also said to be 15 % lighter than other crystals, which means fewer chances of the chandelier falling off and causing an accident. They also tend to be highly durable. Chandeliers made of these crystals tend to feature intricate designs because precision cutting can be easily achieved without too many incisions. Order your crystal chandelier from a chandelier online store at attractive deals!

One more reason for you to buy a k9 crystal chandelier is their affordability.

  • Gem-cut crystals (Egyptian)

If you want a flawless crystal chandelier, you cannot go wrong with a chandelier made from gem-cut crystals or Egyptian crystals. These crystals offer a lovely shimmer and feature intricate designs. They have a fair amount of lead oxide and are also quite affordable.

Only one downside of these crystals is that they are high maintenance. You are required to clean them every few months to keep them glowing.


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