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Types to Consider Before You Buy Decorative Ceiling Fans

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During the scorching heat of summer, a ceiling fan is considered the most important thing at your home. Apart from maintaining a cool and comfortable atmosphere inside your home, a ceiling fan also adds style and appearance to it. If you want to buy decorative ceiling fans, then there are several factors that you need to consider. Different types of ceiling fans are available in the market that you need to know about. A few of the major types are described below. 

Standard ceiling fans

This type of ceiling fan is used in most homes. These versatile fans come in different styles and designs. A few of the common finishes that these fans come with are pewter, auburn, antique bronze, and brushed nickel. Such kinds of fans feature three or four blades. 

The operating mechanism could be different for different models. Some of these models have inbuilt light features. It has several features and customizations to go for. If you want to get the best decoration retro ceiling fan with light, this kind of ceiling fan would be your best bet. 

Low profile fans

These kinds of ceiling fans are also known as flush mount ceiling fans or hugger fans. If the ceiling at your home is less than 8 feet, then you should choose these kinds of fans. It is to be directly installed onto a mounting bracket that remains above-recommended floor clearance. 

Blades of such fans remain close to the ceiling that becomes beneficial in moving heated or air-conditioned air throughout your room. Just like other fans, these kinds of fans could be customized as per your needs and demands. 

Energy start ceiling fans

These kinds of fans are available in low-profile and standard options. If you choose this fan, then it will save you plenty of money in the long run. This is also great for the environment. These fans are to use 20-30% less energy than other types of available ceiling fans. Most the people decide to go for this fan for its environmental benefits and low energy bills. 

Dual motor ceiling fan

These fans come with two separate motors. It has a central motor attached to its two horizontal rods, each of which happens to have an adjustable fan head. You are allowed to set each of these at a separate speed. It looks more decorative than the single motor traditional ceiling fan. In most public settings, these kinds of ceiling fans are used as they cover a wide area. While buying this fan, you must check out the manufacturer’s specifications for your convenience and benefits. 

Remote-controlled fans

There are ceiling fans that can be remote-controlled. These fans are available in different types, be it dual-motor, damp outdoor, or some other type. If you have some mobility issues, you can always decide to go for this ceiling fan option. 

These types of fans are the perfect choice to be used in different commercial properties such as restaurants, auditoriums, event rooms, etc. Different model has different features and specifications that you need to explore while buying. 

Wet and damp ceiling fans

In regard to outdoor ceiling fans, this is the best option for you to go for. It is mostly used in humid locations or in those areas where it frequently rains. These kinds of fans are made with such motors, which effectively resist damages due to humidity and moisture.

If you are looking for decorative ceiling fans that could be used outside, you have all the reasons to choose this option. Just check out the features and specifications while purchasing. To get more idea on it, you can visit our website.

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