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Want to buy glass lamps? Don't know how to choose? Worried about cleaning the glass light? We will help you clear all the doubts!

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hanging glass pendant lamp


Glass pendants are very attractive and generally highly-priced based on the glass used. Glass is considered one of the best materials that can be used for pendant lights because glass reflects which makes the room bright and heavenly. We all have a misconception that glass pendants cannot be cleaned and hence it's a burden. Today this blog will be a myth buster for glass pendant cleaning. 

It's true that glass is fragile and hence, requires more attention and care while cleaning it but that doesn't mean it's tough. You need to know the tricks that can help you get a clean pendant each day. Dust and dirt can build up on anything to make it less efficient. The same goes for glass pendant lights. Dirt and that lowers the efficiency and dulls the aesthetics. Here's helping you with a general cleaning procedure for glass pendant light. 

Cleaning tips 

The prices are similar to cleaning but the only variation is the pressure and cleaning material. 

  1. Firstly, turn off the pendant light from the switch. Let it cool for some time. The glass becomes easily heated up.
  2. Choose a ladder or step that is comfortable for you to reach the pendant light easily. Don't use something that is not easy for you to reach the light. As it is glass you need to be extra careful about it. We recommend you to wear gloves which will help you avoid dust and dirt from getting on your hands. Glass can get fingerprints easily without even your knowledge. Even if you work carefully, your fingerprint might stay on the lamp. Hence, wearing gloves is the best. 
  3. The choice of cloth for cleaning is an essential decision. It is always recommended to use microfibre materials or cotton cloth. Use the cloth to easily clean the dust, dirt, and grim. Be careful while performing the cleaning process. 
  4. While cleaning the glass shade doesn't leave the bulb out. A dirty bulb will not produce glowing light. Hence you need to clean the bulb too. Brightness is the most demanded from a pendant light. Keeping the bulb and the glass shade will ensure bright light. 
  5. Also, don't forget to clean the wires and cable because they do need cleaning from time to time. 

If you are happy with the cleaning process, go ahead and buy hanging glass pendant lamp. Now that you have learned the cleaning process and have already decided to buy a glass lamp, let us guide you on how to buy a glass lamp. 

Buying guide

  • You should buy hanging glass pendant lamps that have thin glass because it will be lighter and help reflect more light. 
  • Choose the right pendant light that compliments your home decor. 
  • The multicolor glass pendant light will help you get a vibrant color reflection. It makes your room look aesthetically rich. 
  • The height of the light is important. For glass pendant lights, it's even more important because it's brighter and reflects more light than any other pendant light. Therefore, choosing the right height will determine the increase and decrease in your room's aesthetics.


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