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How to Use Decorative Wall Lamps in Your Home

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Illuminating your home by installing wall lamps at the right places is tricky. Before installing such lamps, you need to ask yourself about the kind of lighting you need from wall lamps. Let's say, installing decorative wall lamps can be a smart decision if you want to add both aesthetics and functionality to space. As they are so versatile, there are some proper ways to use them. In this blog, you will learn about certain general rules to follow for installing wall light fixtures in your home.

Here are the guidelines for using a decorative wall lamp in various parts of  your home:

  1. Living rooms: In your large living rooms, wall lamps act as an ideal source of light. They are not overly bright but radiate enough light to see everything clearly. Install wall lamps for the living room tactfully to highlight a specific feature or illuminating an area that could use more light. To give a new dimension to your living room, position multiple wall lights at a minimum six feet away. Mix and match light fixtures to set your living room apart from others. If your living room is mostly metallic tone, you can use texture finished wall lamps. For your living room, iron is the perfect metallic choice as it complements both warm and cool tones. Blend hammered finishes with polished or matte fixtures to create a unique decor theme.

Wall lamps for living rooms

  1. Hallway: Like your living room, you can also place several wall lamps at least six feet apart in the hallway. If you have a long hallway, every wall light will radiate sufficient brightness. Be experimental when installing decorative wall lamps in your hallway. You can add a wall lamp on either side of a door. Installing multiple sconces at the end of your big hall can be a good decision.
  2. Entryway: In your entire home, entryway or foyer is one of the places which could benefit from the installation of a wall lamp. When you have an entryway, there is a high chance of having a great primary light source nearby. Foyer pendants, chandeliers, floor lamps and bay windows are some of the most common lighting sources. Place a wall sconce to an entryway wall or immediately next to the door to create a warm ambiance. Install an ambient fixture matching an overhead chandelier or install task lighting near a console table or hallway tree. A beautiful wall lamp at entryway makes a good impression on home visitors.
  3. Outdoors: Apart from your home interior, you can also use decorative wall lamps to illuminate the outdoor areas wonderfully. The front porch is an ideal place to install outdoor wall light. It instantly enhances the visual appeal of your home and promotes safety at the front door. 

Decorative wall lamps add curb appeal and value to your property. Nowadays, you can find many suppliers providing high-quality wall lamps for the living room, hallway, entryway and other areas of your home. Pick the right option to illuminate the favorite areas of your home beautifully. Order Online.

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