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How to Choose Decorative Wall Lights for Bedroom?

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Selecting wall lights for a bedroom can throw up challenges if you don’t have the awareness to install them at strategic places. Let’s discover how to create a flawless mien for your bedroom with decorative, well-spaced wall lights.

decorative wall lights for bedroom

How to determine where to place the wall lights in a bedroom?

Choosing the perfect wall light for your bedroom is important. Decorative wall lights for bedroom when perched on side tables should be placed next to the bed. When you hang the light fixture above an item of furniture or sofa, it should be set in a perpendicular position against the wall.

An attractive wall light can also be situated on the wall in the back of a dresser. Make sure such wall lights can be adjusted according to your needs. In case, you want to accentuate a bedroom décor, fix a sconce light on the wall a couple of feet above it.

How to coordinate lights with bedroom walls?

When it comes to the installation of wall lighting it’s necessary that the shades you opt for sync well with the color of your bedroom wall, the items of furniture you have together with the overall décor. Regardless of your needs for a simple light bulb, led lights, or bijou fluorescent lights, ensure the kind of lighting you create complements your bedroom set to the T.

When you require a reading light, install it by mounting a bright laminate over the reading chair. Furthermore, highlighting your bedroom décor can be accomplished by choosing a light similar to the unique mood or ambiance. While an electronically dimmable light helps create a comfy aura and a vintage lamp exudes classic vibes, a state-of-the-art sconce light will amply offer an ultra-modern, in-vogue feel to your bedroom.

wall lamps for living room

Do you need a single or a pair of wall lights?

It’s imperative to figure out in advance if you need lights on the wall on both sides of your bed or dresser. You can go ahead installing a pair of sconces near the side tables adjacent to the bed on either side. In case your bedroom has a small dresser, one sconce light will be sufficient. A fireplace in the bedroom calls for mounted light fixtures on both of its sides.

In which direction should the lights face?

Making a decision on how a light fixture on the wall should be directed, whether upward or downward, is something that matters quite a lot. Ideally, wall-mounted reading lights should look downward thereby causing overall illumination. Decorative wall lights for bedroom can be made to face upward or downward provided they’re dimmable. Night lamps should usually face upward so as to avoid a constant glare on the face while you sleep.

Make effective use of task lighting

To give the impression of more space in the bedroom task lighting is put into place. Through the task lighting concept, you can brighten or dim your bedroom by means of setting up decorative wall lights.  Extra ambient light can be infused by setting a wall lamp next to your bed. Only, you need to see to it the height of the wall-mounted light shade is at the eye level while you’re sitting on the bed.


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