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Decorative Hanging Lights - Types of Shapes and Their Uses

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Decorative hanging lights with shades made of plastic, ceramic, wood and glass add brightness and elegance to space. To add a unique touch to your room decor, you can hang pendants from the ceiling. Decorative hanging lamps serve the primary function of lighting as well as creating symmetry. They are available in a variety of shapes in the marketplace. The kind of hanging lamp shape you choose affects the interior decor highly. This blog outlines the different shapes of decorative hanging lights and where to place them to improve the entire look of your room.

Here are the various shapes of decorative lamps and ways to use them in your home:


When clustered together, round shaped decorative hanging lights look wonderful. They soften the edges of a room which has several sharp angles. If your hanging lamp is not perfectly round and has a geometric spindle, it contrasts beautifully against a glass-top table and wall-mirror. When decorative hanging lights are made of sepia-colored glass, you can use them to add a classic touch to your office. A perfectly round pendant lamp of perforated copper is perfect to throw light upon a pool table, bar cart and barber carpet. Add a modern touch to your room with a round pendant lamp to layer light with shadow.

Wooden Hanging Lamp


The bell or urn shaped pendants complement almost every type of room decor. The elegant slopes grasp attention towards the ceiling. If you have a small bathroom and walk-in closet, install a bell or urn shaped pendant light in the space. In case you want to illuminate your hallways and kitchen, hang milk-glass shaped pendants with metal finials. An urn of the bubbled or mottled glass looks good in a transitional room or close to the wall of reclaimed wood. For an industrial or upscale style, invest in decorative pendant lights of brass, copper and iron finishes.


To enjoy a steady light in your dining or living area, buy a large drum pendant suited to your room decor. You can find drum pendants made from glass, plastic and natural fibres. In small rooms with low ceilings, drum shaped decorative hanging lamps look great as they fit perfectly into tight areas. Both drum frames and their shades are mostly made of glass, wire and metals. Hang the drum pendant lights high or low according to the areas where you want to cast upon the light and shadows. Such pendant lights also act as decorative pieces in bright rooms with many windows as they offer atmospheric glow during the evening.

Decorative hanging lamps can be a wonderful source of light for any room. Pendant lights for sale are available in different shapes and are easy to install. Decide where you want to hang decorative lights and choose shapes according to that. Make sure the shape you choose fits well into the space. They emit the desired level of brightness and also save on your electricity bills even if you keep them switched on for hours.

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