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All You Need to Know About Using Electric Breast Milk Pump

breast milk pump breastfeeding pump

Breastfeeding is one of the most significant parts of motherhood. Besides breastfeeding your baby normally, you can use an electric breast milk pump to save time. Do you know how to use an electric breast milk pump safely and the advantages of using it? If your answer is 'no', you are in the right place as here you will learn about its application and advantages in detail.

breast milk pump

Tips to Use an Electric Breast Milk Pump Safely

Here are the guidelines for safe usage of an electric breast milk pump:

  • Be in a relaxed position:

    Before you start to express milk, be in a comfortable position. Remember, any type of discomfort or tension will negatively affect your milk supply. To prevent any kind of mishap, read the instructions carefully.

  • Avoid used pumps:

    Ignore used pumps as they may contain bacteria and viruses like Cytomegalovirus and HIV from the previous user. The virus and bacteria in the breastfeeding pump may infect both you and your baby.

  • Pick a pump with proper flanges:

    It is advisable to use a breastfeeding pump with the right flanges. Very small flanges or shields can sore your nipples and cause pain. Due to less milk suction, your breasts also feel full.

  • Check for damage:

    Look for any sort of damage in the pump. In case you find any issue, change the pump right away.

  • Clean and sanitize properly:

    After use, it is important to clean every part of your pump perfectly. Otherwise, it may lead to health disorders in your baby. Once you are done with cleaning and sanitizing, dry pump with a paper towel to make it moisture free.

Key Advantages of An Electric Breast Pump

Let us have a look at various reasons for which mothers use an electric breast pump:

  • Time-saving:

    As a mother when you fall short of time to breastfeed your baby, use an electric pump. It needs less time to express milk properly and thus saves your time. As it consists of double breast pumps, it simultaneously pumps out milk that automatically saves time.

  • Easy-to-use:

    If you need to pump out milk daily or frequently, you can do it easily with an electric breast milk pump. You can find it in various models such as double pumps and hospital grade pumps.

  • Simple to clean:

    To keep the breastfeeding pumps in good shape, you need to clean them regularly. The best part is that you can easily clean and sanitize your breast pumps. They come with microwavable steam bags and wipes that you can use for cleaning and sanitization purposes.

A breastfeeding pump has its pros and cons. As a mother, you need to decide what your priorities are and then pick an electric pump accordingly. If you cannot spend too much time expressing milk, an electric breast milk pump can be of great help. Although, it can be a bit difficult to carry it outside your home but it is worth the price you pay.


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