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A Comprehensive Guide to Hanging Outdoor Decorative Christmas Lights

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By hanging Christmas lights in your outdoors, you can brighten up your home beautifully on the special day. Gone are the days when people used only candles to illuminate their homes and trees. Nowadays, homeowners prefer to use eye-catching outdoor festive lights to decorate their home on occasions like Christmas. This blog guides you how to hang outdoor Christmas lights perfectly.

Here are the ways to hang outdoor Christmas decorative lights:

Design Display

To design display, you need to implement certain strategies. Think about the parts of your home that you want to highlight such as rooflines, railings and columns. Use light-coloured or pure white cords to complement the trim. You can decorate almost any kind of tree or shrub using festive decorative lights. To bedeck tall trees, use a long pole with a hook to hang Iights on high branches. If you want to cover shrubs, use net-designed lights. It is advisable to pick a theme for garden and yard decoration. You need to have a focal point to capture everyone's attention like staging a nativity scene or tableau featuring Santa Claus. You can also select one motif such as snowmen, Santas, candy canes. Use different variations to create a unique display.

Christmas Hanging Lights

Arrange Your Supplies

Before designing your display, gather your supplies along with strings of lights. The supplies include measuring tape, gloves, ladder, light timers, extension cords, hanging pole and light clips. Measure the areas you wish to decorate so you get an idea of how many linear feet you require to cover. To illuminate your shrubbery or other huge areas, go for net-style lighting.

Hang Christmas Decorative Lights

After designing your lighting scheme and gathering your supplies, you are ready to hang Christmas festive decorative lights. Start with testing your lights. When you have a bum string of decorative lights, you need to solve the problem by separating them and attaching them to your home. Then, create strings of proper lengths. You can link together strands of LED lights and a few strands of incandescent lights to form long stripes which can circle your home or large trees. Attach decorative light clips after every eighteen to twenty-four inches. As clips attach both to strings, railings, soffits, gutters and on any surface, they reduce the need for nails or screws. Pre-organize materials depending on your decorating plan and work through different zones at a time. After that hang lights around your property, get your yard into place and distribute light nets over shrubbery. Plug lights into a timer as it conserves electricity by programming lights to turn on and off at fixed intervals.

Christmas decorative hanging lights

Hanging unique outdoor festive lights on Christmas and other special occasions is trending. Besides illuminating your home, the lights enhance the overall look of your property. Follow the above-mentioned tips and tricks to hang outdoor lights this Christmas and add a unique touch to your exterior decoration.

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