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6 Ideas to Use Pendant Lighting Smartly in Your Home

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best pendant lights

Pendant lights are popularly used in office spaces. They work as task lights in office spaces. They are mainly used in office spaces because they provide bright and focused light just at the right spot. At home, you can install it upon any countertop, kitchen tops, table, and even bathrooms. Here are some of the best ideas to use pendant lighting cleverly in your home - 

  • Bathroom sink pendant lighting:

If you want to add some elegant touch to your bathroom you can go for install the best pendant lights above your bathroom sink. Take care of the IP rating and hang the light at a fair distance from the water source. A pendant light over the bathroom sink can be a highly efficient idea.

decorative hanging lights

  • Dining place pendant lighting:

Installing pendant lights in your dining place can give the space a grand look. You can hang the pendant lights above the dining table. It will properly light up the table and also add extra glamour to the place. Go for lights that can set the mood of the place.

decorative pendant lights

  • Study space pendant lighting

Proper lighting in the study room is extremely important. You can go for pendant lights that match the décor of your place and install it at places you read or write. Choose a light that does not strain your eyes. White or off-white lights are recommended.

  • Bedroom pendant lighting

Installing pendant lights in your bedroom can be a smart and classy idea.Avoid installing pendant lights just above your bed. You can install it above the side table or in front of your wardrobe or your bedside. Install dim lights so that it can set the mood of your bedroom.

  • Kitchen pendant lighting

You can install simple pendant lights above or by the side of the kitchen top. If your dining space happens to be in the kitchen, you can install these pendant lights above the dining table. It is better to go for simple designs, as there will be a high chance for the lights to get murky.

  • Entrance pendant lighting

You can use decorative pendant lights to install in your entryway. It is sure to catch the eye of any visitor. These lights at the entryway are sure to give an elegant vibe to the visitors. You get to create an amazing first impression.

Pendant lights are not a new addition to interior decoration. It has been popular for a long time. But, it is recently being used in place of chandeliers and other traditional lights and lamps. If you believe in minimalism and simplicity then you can go for small pendant lights in your living, kitchen, or study room. Use these ideas to give your place an amazingly classy look.

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